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The Official Catgirl Island Mews & Announcements for October 2015, nya!

Aloha, nya! October is the purrticularly festive month, and the spookier one at that, because although it is still quite the purrennial sunny, clear  bikini weather here, the Mid Atlantic Breeze wafts by with the occasional chill and unexplained phenomenon at night, as the appurritions might be roaming amongst the residents, nya! Thusly it is the purrfectest time to celebrate the Halloween fun by purrticipating in our county's lovely arts, foods, decorations, and the popular Trick 'R Eat and Cosplay Purrowl, nya!

The festivities across the island and the waters of Mew Hanover County range from beautiful downtown Purrbank and the lush maritme forest, to the merfolks' grotto and their deep kelp maze, nya! October's astrological signs continue with Libra from September and end with Scorpio into November, nya! The birthstones of the month are Opal and Tourmaline, but if the purrecious gem is too purricey the gift for that special kemonomimi, mermaid, taur or faerie, then we suggest the fragrant fall flowers, nya!

Those could be arranged into the floral lei, tail corsage, the bouquet upon the suppurr table or in the pots upon the veranda, nya! In addition to Halloween, there are other observances & holidays and such as Columbus Day, Teachers Day, the NC State Fair, our local Opal Matsuri and Calendula Purrade, nya! The island's fishing forecast purrdicts yet another numcious bumpurr crop of the Bluefish, Groupurrs, Mackerels, Snappurs, Speckled Trout, Striped Bass and tasty Tunas to tempt the tummy, nya!

You know, the boutiques of the riverwalk and the far-mers market have many purretty bikinis in the fall colors to nicely frame the seafood - filled tummy, nya! In addition to the angling, the autumnal activities to catabolize the calories include the swimming, diving, surfing, sailing, golf, tennis, kites, softball, cycling, hiking, purrkour, yoga, hula, belly dance, hot salsa dance, kyudo, jujutsu and the beach volleyball, nya! After the fun activities, delicious dinners and relaxing catnaps, purrhaps y'all might like to see

the latest additions to Catgirl Island Mewseum of Art, nya!

For those who are here for the first time, art galleries 1-7 display illustrations & photos by Mike, whilst guest art galleries 1-3 display images by other folks with their purrrrmissions, and Mike's collaborations with other artists are displayed throughout the various galleries, nya! On the web site, in any of those galleries, the most recent images are repurrsented by the lowermost row of small, cropped "thumbnail" - size portions of the images, and you have to click on one in order to see the uncropped, full - size version of the pic, nya!

Nyow in the mewseum's Guest Gallery 3 we are purroud to purrsent a foxy, peppy, purrky pic of Chiaki Wakabayashi the "Kitsune Kunoichi" created and illustrated by Rebecca Brogden, nya! Purrhaps y'all have seen her purrior illustrations & photos in our mewseum, or read her amewsing romantic purrose tale of "The Love of a Catgirl", nya?

Chiaki is a kunoichi (female ninja) kitsune (fox) girl whose birthday is an August 21st of a Leo Dragon sign, nya! She is 5' tall excluding her supple vulpine ears, and weighs 90 lbs, with the 30B-24-32 measurements and 30" tail, nya! Her favorite foods are fruit, berries, eggs, seafood & small game, nya! She is wearing a short, off-shoulder, short-sleeved samue-style kimono with the ribbons, panty, obi sash, the zukin-style bandana & fingerless gloves, nya!

Nextly in Guest Gallery 3 is Rebecca's chibi style pic of "Twin Faerie Sisters", nya! On the left with the Amaranth Pink hair is Pamelatiora Jaynetlingera Costaceae, which is purrnounced: PAH-meh-lah-TEE-or-ah Jay-net-tee-lin-gear-ah COST-tah-KAY-ah (or just Pam for short); and on the right with the Light Cardinal hair is Cynthiathea Helynneconia Costaceae, which is purrnounced Sin-thee-ah-THAY-ah Hell-in-nee-koh-nee-ah COST-tah-KAY-ah (or just Cindy for short), nya!

Pam and Cindy were born on a September 14th of the Virgo Rooster sign; they are 5 ft tall and 85 lbs apiece, with the 32B-23-33 measurements and the 4.5 ft. wingspan, nya! Both ladies are highly educated, have magickal powers, speak several languages, and work at the family's golf cart business, where Pam is the parts & service manager whilst Cindy is the sales & rentals manager, nya! Rebecca used Sai, Photoshop CS6 and an Intuos 5 tablet to render the illustration, nya!

Then we are purroud to purrsent fan art of Toradora!'s "Best Friends" Kushieda Minori & Aisaka Taiga by Misty Hopkins, nya! She was among our March 2008 guests, and is a great artist, seamstress, cosplayer and blogger, nya! Purrhaps y'all have seen her other photos and illustrations in our mewseum, nya? Toradora! is a series of dramatic / romantic comedy genre novels, manga & anime which purrtain to the relationships of high school students, nya!

Wearing their school blazers, Minori is the taller girl with the Red Violet hair, and her best friend Taiga is the shorter girl with the Light Brown hair, nya! Because of her petite size, fiery tempurr, an often crabby dispurrsition, and the purronunciation of her first name, Taiga is known at school as "The Palmtop Tiger", nya! Misty used the Prismacolor pens, Crayola colored pencils and the Prismacolor markers to render this happy, cute and purretty pic upon on the 4x6" card stock, nya!

Just added to Gallery 7 is Mike's fan art of Daenerys Targaryen and her three widdle dragons Rhaegal, Viserion and Drogon at "Khaleesi Beach", nya! Game of Thrones is the TV series adaptation of George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, in which actress Emilia Clarke purrtays Daenaerys (or just Dany for short) who is among the characters who might claim the throne of Westeros, nya!

Dany is the mommy of three fire-breathing dragons Rhaegal (Green & Orange), Viserion (Gold & Nilla Cream) and Drogon (Black & Red) who are depicted here at the smaller, recently - hatched size, nya! She is wearing the light, skimpy diaphanous attire as they paws from the dessert caravan to enjoy the peacefully purretty day at the purristine beach by the sea, where purrhaps they will catch lots of the delicious, nutritious fish to roast for their suppurr, nya!

Also in Gallery 7 is Mike's latest pic of Talia Jasmine Kirk, alias Sailor Vulcan who thinks it is "Purr-fectly Logical" to wear the cat ears & tail for Halloween, nya! She is Jeff Branch's supurr-heroic fan-senshi character inspired by Sailor Moon and Star Trek, whose tales are at Jeff's Scribe of The Moon site, nya! Jeff was the guest for our May 2008 Mew, and Talia is a 5' 7", 115 lb. half human / half vulcan girl with a January 12th birthday of the Capurricorn sign, nya!

She has a genius telepathic mind and supurr powers; her favorite studies are science, history, math and archaeology and she enjoys chess, classical music, meditation, reading, and fun time with friends, nya! In this scene she is enjoying the leisurely day at the park, where she wears the plunging tied Red shirt and the tight cut - off shorts which are accessorized by the jewelry, ears and tail, nya! Mike used Photoshop CS2 and a mouse to render the illustrations, nya! Meanwhile, it is also the time for

the October 2015 edition of The Mew, nya!
The Mew
 is short for The Catgirl Critics' Media Mewsings, nya! It is our local monthly "show" in which The Ladies of the Mew and our 'Purrducer' Mike discuss fun stuff such as cinema, TV, books, comics, games, toys, cons & cosplay, nya! This month's Mew has reviews of Justice League: Gods and Monsters, the Star Wars: Rebels Season 1 DVD, and the lightning round topic purrtains to killer fish movies, nya!

The batch of comic book reports include My Little Pony: Friends Forever #20, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #34, Princeless: Be Yourself #4, Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess #3, Cat'sEye Comics #3, CatsEye Comics Presents Secret Origins vol. 1, Angel & Faith Season 10 #18, Elfquest: The Final Quest #11, Red Sonja / Conan #2, Harley Quinn and Power Girl #3 & 4, and the Harley Quinn Road Trip Special, nya!

This month's manga mewsings include Non Non Biyori vol. 2, Spice and Wolf  vol. 11; there is a review of the beautiful 2016 Art  Calendar of Rebecca Brogden, there are reviews of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Captain Phasma and Rey action figures, the Monster High Meowlody and Purrsephone Megabloks figures; and this month's Celebrity Catgirl Spotlight shines upon Kit-Ra The Ever-Purring, nya!

Arigato gozaimasu, nya!

We wish to thank our friend and web master Jamie Robertson who is also the creator of the web comic Clan of the Cats which just resumed on Halloween after the long hiatus, nya! A while back he also re-gained our older URL of catgirlisland dot com to serve as the identical mirror site to catgirlisland dot net, nya! We also wish to expurress our gratitude to our friends and families for their purrticipations and support, and we appurreciate all of y'all for web surfing to our cordial coastal Carolina community which is full of southern hospurrtality and artistic aloha spirit nya! Arigato Gozaimasu, nya!

- your friendly neighborhood concierges at Catgirl Island Visitors Center, nya!

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